I love Lucy

New addition to the family

I pushed back as much as I could, but we got another puppy. We now have 5 dogs and 5 cats. It’s quite a menagerie.

The other dogs are cocker spaniels; Lucy is a Labrador. She is very sweet and good natured. The whole house is full of dog toys and she always carries one with her.

She’s 15 weeks and already taller than the others. It’s interesting how introducing a puppy into the pack ages the other dogs.

Puppies are either moving at 100 mph or sleeping. There is no medium speed. I was taking a shower the other day and tried to grab my towel to get out. She grabbed it and ran out of the bathroom. I finally caught up to her halfway down the stairs.

I was on a conference call later that day. She was chasing the cats and barking at them. Unfortunately, I was facilitating the call and people must have been wondering what the noise was.

We went to see a house in a rural village called Moniave. More about that in another post. We left the dogs at their day care. We picked them up afterwards. Lucy and Ringo (a 4 year old cocker spaniel) were in the back seat together. Ringo was lying on the floor and Lucy on the seat.

Stewart had to brake suddenly and Lucy fell on top of Ringo. He got really mad and bit both of her ears. It broke my heart and made me angry at the same time. We took her to the after hours vet and fortunately, she’s ok.

Ringo obviously felt bad and followed me around that evening with her and tried to lick her better. She seems to have forgiven and forgotten. We will have to make sure Ringo doesn’t act out like that again.

We put an offer on a new house. This one is big enough for our animals to roam around. The yard isn’t as big as we prefer, but the house and location are really exciting.

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