Moniaive – an American in the Village

I own a house in Scotland now!

I just bought a semi- detached (I guess we would call it a duplex) in a rural village called Moniaive. It’s a beautiful area in southern Scotland with a number of famous residents.

I set up my office in the attic. If it’s not raining, I can see a hill covered with white dots that are sheep. If I look to the right, I can see an old church and clock tower.

The house is an old manse (a house provided for a Presbyterian minister). It has 2 large sitting rooms and 3 big bedrooms. Part of the attic has been converted into a 4th bedroom. We’re using it as the cats room and my office.

I haven’t had a chance to venture out much. We’re still busy with remodelling and unpacking. It feels like we live in a construction zone. But, it’s coming along nicely.

It’s about an hour and twenty minutes from my office in Edinburgh. Our original plan was to move closer. But, COVID-19 has changed those priorities. Most of us that can work from home. That will probably be the situation for the foreseeable future.

My job mostly involves virtual meetings and travel to sites to audit operations. I can do a virtual meeting from home. We’re working on virtual audit approaches.

I read somewhere that the pandemic has created a housing “zoom”. The demand for housing has grown in places where people want to live versus places that are commuting distance to work.

Moniaive sure fits this new demand. It’s not only beautiful, quiet, and has interesting sites, but it also has high speed internet connections. Ironically, it’s much faster than what we had in Kilmarnock.

I do hope that we can conquer this pandemic soon. I miss traveling for work and I miss visiting my family in America. It would be really nice for my family to travel here as well. At least we have a fantastic space for them to visit.

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