My buddy Ringo

Waiting for vet appointment

We have 5 dogs and now 4 cats. Ringo is an American Cocker spaniel. He has a huge personality. Ringo and the other male dog, Barney still haven’t settled on who the pack leader is.

Ringo has been staying at doggy day care for awhile recovering from his second knee surgery. He injured the tendon on one of his back legs and had surgery to repair it. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for the other back leg to incur the same injury during recovery. They compensate too much on one leg while the other one heals.

Ringo’s other leg had surgery about a month ago now. It takes a good 13 weeks to fully recover. It’s a slow and careful process.

We’re lucky to have an option for him to stay during the early stages of recovery. Our house has a lot of stairs and the bedrooms are upstairs. I’ve tried to lift him up and down the stairs, but unfortunately he doesn’t wait to be picked up.

I really miss him when he’s not home. It’s strange to get out 4 dog bowls instead of 5. But, Barney seems to enjoy not having the competition. That can drive you crazy.

I might try to arrange a swap where the other dogs stay overnight and Ringo comes home that night. I don’t want him to get upset or confused. Trying to decide if that would be upsetting or exciting for him.

Can’t wait for him to heal enough that he can be back full time again and we can return to our busy household.

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